Bevel Brushes, Crimped Wire

Bevel Brushes, Crimped Wire

Crimped Wire Bevel Brush is used where exacting demands are placed on efficiency and outcome of surface conditioning, deburring, and cleaning operations. These brushes are deal for brushing uneven surfaces and used for light to medium duty brushing action such as removal of light scale, dirt, rust, corrosion and light burrs. Please note that all crimped wire bevel brushes, metal and adapters are designed for a flush fit, that ensure a consistent surface finish.


Bevel Brushes, Crimped Wire

Crimped bevel brush, craftsman quality, for use on angle grinders.
Ideal for processing areas and surfaces difficult to access
Suitable for easy to semi-difficult cleaning work
Application: Edge rounding, paint/rust removal.

Materials that can be worked:
Other non-ferrous metals
Hard non-ferrous metal
Stainless steel (INOX)
High-temperature-resistant materials
Cobalt-based alloys
Hard non-ferrous metal
Nickel-based alloys (e. g. Inconell and Hasteloy)
Nickel- or titanium-based superalloys
Titanium alloys
Soft titanium alloys (tensile strength 500 N/mm²)
Soft non-ferrous metal
Other non-ferrous metals


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