Miniature Micro Brushes

Miniature Micro Brushes

These brushes are available in high carbon, stainless steel, brass, and carbon fiber. Micro twisted wire brushes can also be supplied in a full
range of other materials including man-made fibers.


Miniature Micro Brushes

Miniature brushes are available in a variety of styles and configurations from 0.014″ in diameter to deburr, clean and slightly ream very small

holes and cavities.

iniature Abrasive Tube Brushes

Miniature abrasive tube brushes are designed for cleaning and deburring holes drilled in close-tolerance metallic and non-metallic parts. These

brushes are flexible, designed to retain their shape better than wire-fill brushes, and will not degrade the diameter, straightness or surface finish

of the holes.



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