Wood Sanding Brushes

Wood Sanding Brushes

Our sanding strips are designed with a range of abrasives and sanding brushes including plant fibers, horsehair, pig hair, and synthetic fibers. Additionally, Shardlian is proud to be the manufacturer of the steel surface treatment market to offer wire brush inserts. We have done several different processes and materials, so all our sanding brushes and paper sanding brushes are easy to remove or replace with our O-ring system and more economical.


Wood Sanding Brushes

Brush supported abrasive sanding strips combined with suitable grooved cylinders or discs make the perfect sanding tool for many applications in modern woodworking and metal working.

We offer a huge variety of different sanding strip brush and grooved cores. Therefore, the system is hugely flexible and versatile with over 1000 possibilities to create the perfect sanding head. With our experience, we will guide you to find the perfect brush sanding solution for your sanding task.

1. Sanding of profiled, flat and moulded components 2. Polishing of oil and wax
3. Sanding of wood, mdf and all types of coatings incl. UV 4. Improving of surface finish
5. Reducing of coating constumption 6. Deburring of laser-cut and punched sheet metal parts
7. Smoothening of sharp edges 8. Edge rounding of sheet metal parts


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