Electrical Contact Thermometers Flange Ø 100 mm.

Electrical Contact Thermometers Flange Ø 100 mm.

Recommended added circuit
The power rating of each electric contact in the is only 10VA without reactance, so users have to
resolve the problem of the contact power magnification. For your convenience, we would rather recommend you
a power magnification circuit with anti-oscillation and arc extinction (refer to figure 3).
Circuit Feature: Once the lower limit contact closes, the lower limit circuit gets self-locked. Only dose the upper


Electrical Contact Thermometers Flange Ø 100 mm.

Product Description
Electric Contact Thermometer is designed to take measurement and control of the
temperature ranging from -20ºC to 120ºC in non-corrosive site within a distance of 16 m.
With the application of working principle of pressure-type thermometer, the is featured by being
simple structure, easy to use and at moderate price.

Contact thermometer is suitable to within 16 m, Measuring range is (+20º C~+120º C) with no cauterization
occasion in measuring and controlling. Model WTZ-288 series contact thermometer adopts the elements of
pressure thermometer, it has a handy structure, use simple and convenient, the low price and so on.

Main Technical Parameters:
1, The temperature dimension and measuring rage:
Dimension range: -20~+60 0~100 20~120
Measuring range: 20~60 40~100 60~120
2, Indicative accuracy: 1.5 grade
3, Trail length(m): 3, 5, 10, 16. (According to the clients request, If it isn’t show clearly the length, according to


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