Hardware Supplies

Hardware Supplies

Hardware products vary depending on the purpose and need.

Correct selection and use of these products ensures that work is completed faster and safer.

Şark Hırdavat offers this diversity to its customers,
It aims to meet all kinds of needs.


Hardware Supplies

Hardware is the general name for tools and equipment that we frequently encounter in daily life and are used in various repairs, renovations and assembly works. These products have a wide range of uses, from our homes to our workplaces, from hobby work to professional applications.

Screw and Nut Types:
Fasteners such as steel screws, wood screws, dowels, nuts, washers and washers are among the indispensable hardware items. These elements are used to join, fasten or hang different materials.

Tools such as hammer, screwdriver, pliers and drill, which are needed for all kinds of repair and assembly works, are also included in the hardware category. These tools may have different sizes and features depending on their intended use.

Sanding and Cutting Tools:
Products such as sandpaper, saws and knives for surface treatments and cutting works also have an important place in hardware.

Garden Tools:
Tools such as hoe, scythe and pruning shears required for garden maintenance and landscaping can also be found in hardware stores.

Adhesives and Chemicals:
Mounting foam, silicone, adhesives and various chemicals are indispensable products of hardware. These products are used in bonding, filling and insulation works.

Measurement and Testing Instruments:
Measuring and testing instruments such as meters, spirit levels, and voltmeters, which are necessary for all kinds of construction and assembly works, are also available in hardware stores.

Security Products:
Protective equipment such as gloves, glasses, masks and helmets required for work safety are also among the hardware products.


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