Button Head Grease Nipples M22 DIN 3404 180° Galvanized

Button Head Grease Nipples M22 DIN 3404 180° Galvanized


SARK HIRDAVAT button-head grease nipples are particularly suitable for lubricating points with a big grease volume because of their specific high flow-rate of grease. As another result of the robust construction, these grease nipples are preferably used in the construction machinery.


Button-head grease nipples are available in four different sizes:
head Ø 10 mm = M4
head Ø 16 mm = M1
head Ø 22 mm = M22
head hexagon-type, wrench size 15 mm = T1
In general, our button-head grease nipples according to DIN are made of steel, zinc-plated and passivated, and they are featured with a cylindrical thread. We offer various standard types also in brass or stainless steel V2A/V4A.
Upon request, SARK HIRDAVAT manufactures button head grease nipples in further versions, with respect to e. g.
thread size
thread form (e. g. with tapered thread)
different opening pressure
surface colour (e. g. yellow passivated)
further surface treatment


Button Head Grease Nipples M22 DIN 3404 180° Galvanized

Steel electro zinc-plated.
Stainless steel bright.
As the construction of button head grease nipples allow for a high lubrication flow rate, they are especially useful for lubrication points which require a large grease volume. Because of the robust design, button head grease nipples are preferred for machines that are subjected to high external stress.



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