Test Tube Cleaning Brushes

Test Tube Cleaning Brushes

Test Tube Cleaning Brushes offered here have stiff bristles that are mounted in bent galvanized wire.
A rounded tuft at the tip make cleaning test tubes and small glassware simple.
The round wire and smooth tip design is perfect for cleaning items that need to maintain their integrity.
There are no sharp wire edges to scratch the item being cleaned.
Brushes with this type of tip are manufactured without a loop or ring handle.

Key Features
Rounded tuft bristles that make for easy and safe cleaning of test tubes
Overall length of brush ranges from 8“ to 11”
All bristles are mounted onto the handle in a bent galvanized wire


Test Tube Cleaning Brushes

These Test Tube Cleaning Brushes are high performing,
scientific and glassware brushes that are excellent
in food service, industrial or medical applications.




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