Maximum Minimum Thermometer

Maximum Minimum Thermometer

The thermometer consists of two columns: the left is the minimum and the right is the maximum

. Both columns are made up of a liquid and stilettos that mark the current temperatures while the liquid marks the minimum and maximum.

To restart the reading we will lower the stilettos either with a magnet or by pressing a button located in the middle of the two columns.
It is recommended to place the thermometers in a place protected from the sun.


Maximum Minimum Thermometer

Maximum and minimum thermometer or thermometer indicates the 

maximum and minimum temperature of the day according to where you are.


Plastic thermometer for the outside made up of two columns that record the

maximum and minimum temperatures through the two columns in the middle.

The column on the right is the maximum temperature and the one on the left

4will indicate the minimum temperature of the last hours.


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