Inox Electrical Single Contact Pressure Gauge Ø 160 mm.

The electric contact pressure gauge is a kind of pressure gauge most often contacted by grass-roots verification personnel because of its wide variety, model and wide use. The general accuracy level is 1.0-4.0, especially in the measurement and control of boilers, pressure vessels or pressure pipelines.


Usage Properties

Fluid Temperature :Maximum + 60 °C
Operating Pressure (max.) : Must not exceed full scale.
Conformi : EN 837 – 1
Accuracy Class : CL 1.0
Ambient Temperature : – 20 … + 60 °C
Protection Rate :IP 65
Mechanical Vibration Test : 10Hz-150Hz 1 Octave/minute – 3 axis
Mechanical Shock Test Load : 15g
Optimum Operating Range :Between 0,0 x PN and 1,0 x PN
Over Pressure Limit : F.S. x 1,3
Storage Temperature :-40 … +70 °C


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Manometre Tek Kontaklı Hassas Basınç Ölçerler Ø 160 mm.