Capsule Pressure Gauge Q 160 mm.

Capsule Pressure Gauge Q 160 mm.

Capsule diaphragm gauges are used to measure low pressure values
Do not use if high viscosity fluids or crystallisable form available
Used for measuring liquid and gases which are suitable to copper alloys.


Capsule Pressure Gauge Q 160 mm.

If an aggressive gas or liquid to be measured ,stainless steel 316L is advised.
In vibrating environments or with pulsating pressures liquid filled types should be used.

Usage Properties :

Fluid Temperature : Maximum + 60 °C
Operating Pressure (max.) : Must not exceed %75′ of full scale.
Conformity : EN 837 – 3
Accuracy Class : CL 1.6
Ambient Temperature :- 20 … + 60 °C
Protection Rate : IP 41
Mechanical Vibration Test : 10Hz-150Hz 1 Octave/minute – 3 axis
Mechanical Shock Test Load : 15g
Optimum Operating Range :Between 0,1 x PN and 0,75 x PN
Storage Temperature : -40 … +70 °C


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