PC / Polycarbonate rod

PC / Polycarbonate rod

NOTE: Engineering Grade Polycarbonate is not optically clear and should be used for its technical and mechanical properties rather than its aesthetic properties.

Similar materials available from us include Acrylic Cast Clear Rod and Acetal C Extruded Natural Rod. If you have a requirement for machined or finished Polycarbonate Engineering Grade components please ask our team for more information.


PC / Polycarbonate rod

Extruded Polycarbonate Clear Rod is a high performance, amorphous thermoplastic with product characteristics including high dimensional stability, low moisture absorption and excellent rigidity. The long term service temperature range of Polycarbonate Engineering Grade Rod is from -40°C to 115°C and has a short term maximum service temperature of 140°C.

Typical fields of application for Polycarbonate Engineering Grade Rod include electrical and electronic industries, safety engineering and vehicle construction. Polycarbonate Engineering Grade Rod is a material well suited to billeting, precision grinding and CNC turning.

Exceptional high impact strength over wide temperature range
Excellent combo of toughness, heat and flame resistant, and dimensional stability
Excellent impact resistance
Continuous use of temperature to 290° F (145°C)
Good transparency
Excellent thermal performance
Good dielectric properties
Good mechanical and electrical properties
FDA Compliant
Resists acids
Low moisture absorption rate


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