Plexiglass Acrylic Clear Tube

Plexiglass Acrylic Clear Tube

PMMA / Acrylic tubes

PLEXIGLAS tubes are the clearest extruded tubes on the market today delivering brilliant quality, superior performance, and durability. Acrylic tubes are characterized by their flawless optics, and a perfectly smooth surface free of striations. 

Acrylic tubes are optically pure. Our transparent PMMA tubes are often used in the stand- and exhibition building, in the furniture/interior design branches and mostly for technical applications such as reactors.

PMMA tubes are reasonable UV stable and weatherproof but are not designed for long-term outdoor applications. They will yellow if they are outside for a long period.


Plexiglass Acrylic Clear Tube

Acrylic Extruded Clear Tube is an optically perfectly clear, highly polished product with characteristics including excellent resistance to mechanical stress, wide thermoforming range and good thermal stability.

The long term service temperature range of Extruded Acrylic is from -20°C to 60°C.

Typical fields of application for Extruded Acrylic include set design for film and tv, retail display and point of sale.

Extruded Acrylic is a material well suited to fabrication, gluing and

CNC turning. Similar materials available from Plastock include

Acrylic Extruded Clear Tube and Acrylic Cast Clear Rod.

PMMA tubes for Lighting
Point of Sale Displays
PMMA tubes for Laboratory Ware
Acrylic tubes for Exhibition of Food
Acrylic tubes for Juice Dispensers
Confectionery Displays
PMMA tubes for Water Columns and Features
Acrylic tubes for Restaurant and Hotel section dividers
Machined Knobs and Buttons
PMMA tubes for Club decorations
Feed Hoppers


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