Boiler Thermometer

Boiler Thermometer

Applications: Heating, Boilers and Naval Sector
Scale: °C or double scale °C/°F
Case: Chrome steel, Stainless steel, Brass
Insert: Glass
Thread and Stem: Chrome steel, Stainless steel or Brass
Thermometric liquid: red alcohol
Mounting: Straight, Angled
Ranges: -40℃ to 200℃.
Class: Liquid expansion thermometers


Boiler Thermometer

Boiler Thermometer

Suitable for measuring temperature of gaseous and liquid media. Widely used in HVAC.

They are also referred to as alcoholic thermometers since in some cases the filling liquid is alcohol.

Recommended for installations where space is a factor, since they are easy to install.

They are compactly designed, tough and have excellent readability.

Excellent for the general construction industry.

The low cost and high quality design makes it suitable for a diverse commercial applications.

Very resistant to extreme environmental conditions with high vibrations and humidity.


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