Machine Thermometer – DIN 16195

Machine Thermometer – DIN 16195

Machine Thermometer – DIN 16195
General Description
Aluminum Case
Brass Immersion Tube
Glass Insert
Angles: 45 °C, 90 °C, Straight
Ranges: 0-100 °C, 0-160 °C, 0-200 °C
Scale: °C
Filling: Blue fluid
Long service and measurement accuracy without wear for industrial applications such as machine and plant engineering as well as marine components and utilities in marine engineering. Completely polished and gold-coloured anodized. White background for blue fluid column. Immersion tube made from brass. Direct Mountin.


Machine Thermometer – DIN 16195

v-shape marine thermometer are divided into two types: straight type marine thermometer and 90°C angle type industrial glass thermometer. The upper body is made of aluminum and the surface is golden yellow.

Marine thermometers are of external standard type, v-shape glass thermometer die-casting, and are divided into straight type and 90°C angle type. The upper body is made of aluminum, polished or sandblasted and anodized into golden yellow. The length of the upper body of the marine thermometer: 110mm, 150mm, 200mm. ·Glass capillary tube


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