Drip-Oiler Glass Din 3410 400cm³ 1/2″

Drip-Oiler Glass Din 3410 400cm³ 1/2″

Drip feed oilers are single point lubricators that are mounted directly on lubrication points.It disperse by gravity from transparent reservoirs through a needle valve.
The needle valve is joined with a toggle pin so the operator can switch flow of oil off/on manually.
This type of oiler is especially adopted where regulation of the oil feed is required.
Drip feed oilers are recommended where supply of oil under visible control is required.


Drip-Oiler Glass Din 3410 400cm³ 1/2″

This oil cup is used to store lubricating oil and drip the oil to the parts for lubricating.

The small window design makes it easy to observe the oil volume,

easy to know when you should add oil into it.

Easy to adjust the needle valve position of the

oil cup, and control the oil dripping speed.

Made of chrome-plated carbon steel, corrosion-resistant and anti-rust, a

great replacement to replace your old oil cup.




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