Wheel Brushes Knotted Wire

Wheel Brushes Knotted Wire

Knotted wheel brush, industrial quality, for general use on all common angle grinders.
Aggressive and speedy cleaning; all wire tips are in use at the same time
Long service life
Available in diverse specifications with arbor hole or thread M14
Application: For roughing, deburring and simple rust removal work.


Wheel Brushes Knotted Wire

Knot Wire Wheel Brush – Heavy Duty
Tough jobs call for a harder-working design. heavy duty Knot Wire Wheel Brushes feature our proprietary TufWire™ for increased aggressiveness and longevity. It’s slightly wider face and tighter knots effectively tackle difficult tasks such as deflashing/cleaning motor mounts, cleaning foundry molds, weld prep/cleaning, removing heavy surface contamination, heavy-duty deburring and pipeline cleaning. Larger sizes have a shorter trim length for added rigidity.

Application: Deflashing and cleaning motor mounts, cleaning foundry molds, weld prep and cleaning, removing heavy surface contamination, pipeline cleaning, heavy duty deburring.

Very aggressive and robust brush that is able to withstand high mechanical loads. Perfect for heavy-duty brushing in pipeline and container construction.

Extra-slim design enables optimal access to hard-to-reach areas such as root weld seams.
Maximum economic efficiency due to maximum tool life and stock removal rate.
High level of comfort thanks to smooth running with no brush recoiling.
Suitable for work on corners and edges as the knots are less likely to unravel.


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