Bevel Brushes, Twist Knot Wire

Bevel Brushes, Twist Knot Wire

Aggressive brush. Excellent for heavy-duty brushing such as deburring, cleaning, derusting and descaling and removal of spatter.

Steel wire is the most common filament material. Brushes with steel wire as the filament material are especially well-suited to work on surfaces and deburringThis ensures that the wire wears down in the optimal way, as well as a long tool life, even in extreme brushing applications.


Bevel Brushes, Twist Knot Wire


Knotted bevel brush, industrial quality, for use on angle grinders.

Aggressive cleaning performance

Long service life

Combines the best properties of a cup brush with those of a wheel brush

Workpieces with large areas and difficult to access places can be treated perfectly


Deburring, removal of rust, paint, slag, silicates and blue discolouration on complex workpieces.

Steel materials with a hardness


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