Coil Strip Brush

Coil Strip Brush

Manufactured in all sizes up to 6.5 metres long & 3 metres in diameter. All types of fill materials are available to suit the relevant application. Shafts, bearings and drives are also manufactured to suit the relevant equipment.

Brush Strips or Metal Back Strip Brushes, are extremely versatile in size, shape and materials and can be used across a wide variety of configurations & contours matched by a diverse selection of filaments, wires and metal back types to suit many applications. IBEX Industrial Brushes manufactures and stocks a wide range of Strip Brush ranging from 2mm to 20mm wide strips with any length of filament up to 1200mm (48″) long, many available for immediate delivery.


Coil Strip Brush


Coiled strip brushes are constructed by mounting our standard brush strip product on a rotating core as it’s formed to wind the strip into a

continuous helix. The core can also form part of the coiled brush’s function, such as with

Trommel Roller Brushes or the brush coil can be taken off

the core and supplied loose for different applications, i.e. fitted to the flights of an auger.,

Helical steel brushes are available from Widdops in four base width

sizes;3mm,4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm 10mm, and 12mm, with our full range ofstandard filaments, to suit the size of brush strip required.

Our helical brushes are widely used in the construction of augers for water treatment

and in the food processing industry.

Continuous Nylon Inverted Coil Strip Brush

Single Ring Inverted Coil Strip Brush

Steel Wire Inverted Coil Strip Brush

Roller Brushes – Wound Strip

Rotary Brushes

Open Coiled Strip Brushes

Non-Sparking & Non Magnetic Strip Brush

Rubber Strip & Brush



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