Tube Brushes Single Spiral Crimped Wire

Tube Brushes, Single Spiral, Crimped Wire

Pipe Brush Tool Set, Brass Wire Bottle Long-Handle Bristle Cleaning
About this item
The stainless steel handle brass pipe brush is perfect for cleaning narrow curves and cracks, including pipes and ducts, gun cleaning, polishing jewelry, painting and rust removal, etc. When you want to remove rust and other excess material from narrow areas, the brass wire pipe brush can enter the bolt hole size entrance and quickly achieve the purpose of cleaning and rust removal.
The bristle part of the brass pipe brush is made of very strong brass material with high bristle density to achieve better cleaning effect. Compared with other similar products made of brass, this pipe cleaning brush is more durable and the handle part is very tough and can be bent and deformed according to different cleaning environments to remove dead ends.
The handle is designed with a loop at the end of the brush, so you can use a string to easily string them together or hang them on the wall for easy storage and use.



Tube Brushes, Single Spiral, Crimped Wire

Brush Wire Tube Brushes are available in Brass, High Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel and are very durable.

Find the right filament option that is perfect for cleaning interior surfaces of tubes, cylinders, valves, tees, bores, condenser tubes, tubing lines,

corroded tubes, guns, plumbing, rust removal, slag removal, vaporizers, water pumps, hydraulic fittings and nozzles, commercial grills, automotive

parts, plastics manufacturers, injection molding & barrel cleaning, car parts, aircraft parts, airline service & maintenance, deburring, carbon

removal, crosshole deburring and internal threads or drilled holes.


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