Ruber Coated Encapsulated End Brush

Ruber Coated Encapsulated End Brush

Encapsulated End Brush adds more life to the brush, gradually exposing a consistent amount of short trim for maximum aggression and longer life. Long lasting and aggressive for deburring in tight spots.

Safe Brush. Wire and encapsulation material wears into a ”dust”.

For optimal results, spin at 18,000 RPM or higher


Ruber Coated Encapsulated End Brush

Encapsulated End Brush is constructed with proprietary TufWire™ 

encased in a specially formulated elastomer that supports wire for maximum work with minimum pressure.

Elastomer wears back gradually, extending brush life and maintaining optimum performance.

Crimped Wire End Brush: This hollow center end brush is standard duty and has a crimped wire end Cleaning Brush:

This small diameter tool provides fast, positive cleaning action in corners and other hard-to-reach places

Deburring Brush: Comes with 1/4″ shank, applicable for burr removal, rubber flash, weld scale, rust, paint


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