Belt Brushes

Belt Brushes

The great advantage of Flat belt brushes is the large range of widths and fill densities. Constructed on a synthetic or leather core in widths up to 200 mm, a comprehensive range of synthetic and natural hair fill material is available to many kinds of cleaning and transporting applications.

Belt configuration: Continuous or open belt
Tuft density Open, dense or very dense
Tuft method: Machine stapled
Tuft pattern Staggered
Trim profile Straight
Available either as a continuous or open belt, longer lengths or widths are provided with steering strings to maintain concentricity and run out.


Belt Brushes

Belt Brushes
Flexible tufted ​brush belt constructed on a polyurethane core with synthetic or natural filling material to suit your application.

Accurate adjustable circulation speed
Guaranteed correct timing
Appropriate pulleys available
The brush belts toothed are made out of polyurethane. These belts are driven by toothed belt discs. This type of brush belt is mainly used when products need to be positioned of transferred. The great advantage of the toothed belt is the timing. The belt runs over toothed “pulleys” which causes no slip but guarantees correct timing. Therefore the speed of rotation can be adjusted precisely up to 6 m/s. The filling density is limited, because only the top of the belts provide limited space for brush fibers. This means that the density is always relatively open.


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