Bandsaw Blade Cleaning Burush

Bandsaw Blade Cleaning Burush

Band saw brush with nylon trim, industrial quality, for mounting on stationary machines.

Long service life; efficient working
Prolonged saw blade life
The saw blade can work through the wood easier because there is no great generation of chips
Application: Cleaning the chip chambers of saw blades. When the brush presses against the moving saw blade, the brush is set into motion and the brush cleans the chip chambers of saw blades


Bandsaw Blade Cleaning Burush

Used to remove chips from band saw blades
Chip brushes are essential to the longevity and cost-effectiveness of band saw blades
Used on all band saw machines
Made specifically for band saw applications
Shipped in convenient 2 Pack
Stainless Steel Wire
Chip brushes will extend the life of your band saw blade
Chip brush can improve your operation and help you save money over the long term getting rid of the chips before they can travel around the wheels of the band saw and destroying bearings and wheels


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