Abrasive Nylon Wire End Brush – 1/4″ Shank

Abrasive Nylon Wire End Brush – 1/4″ Shank

APPLICATION WIDELY — Nylon Brush kit is an All-Material-In-1, safe and easy light rust and paint remover and cleaner on ALL wet or dry applications like Metal, Steel, Stainless Steel, Wood, Aluminum, Plastic, PVC, Tiles, Stones and more, while maintaining its bristle integrity after extended use.


Abrasive Nylon Wire End Brush – 1/4″ Shank

Nylon Filament Abrasive Wire Brush End Brush Kit with 1/4 Inch Shank, Include Fine Medium Coarse Grit Perfect for Removal of

Rust/Corrosion/Paint – Reduced Wire Breakage

HIGH QUALITY — Swpeet offers design for coarse brushing surface preparation, heavy grout removal, polishing and scrubbing, this Nylon Cup

Brush is gentle on all materials and made from top quality nylon for maximal user safety, gentle cleaning & extended brush use.

Cast iron
Cast steel
Cobalt-based alloys
Hard non-ferrous metal
High-temperature-resistant materials
Nickel-based alloys (e.g. Inconell and Hastelloy)


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