Abrasive Nylon Wire Wheel Brushes

 Abrasive Nylon Wire Wheel Brushes

An industrial specification wheel brush with a silicon carbide abrasive nylon filament fill, manufactured by Ideal for the removal of paints and surface coatings, structuring or polishing of wood surfaces.

These brushes are also used for giving a rustic effect or for roughening before treating with a color or lacquer.

Also known as a staple set brush and a staple set wheel brush.


 Abrasive Nylon Wire Wheel Brushes

Wheel brush with abrasive bristles, industrial quality, for use on stationary machines.

Cost-effective finishing of components with many contours in dry applications
Suitable for defined edge rounding
NHS trim material – Also suitable for use with coolants
Application: Finishing of surfaces and pipe/profile sections, particularly good for aluminium, non-ferrous metals and synthetics.



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